Monday, March 11, 2013

T-minus 10

well, here's my long slow goodbye.  as of the time you are reading this i have less than ten days left in Nashvegas... assuming yer reading it the day it's shot through Al Gore's tube all over the internet like the after party of Lisa Sparks next record breaking moment.

so...  what's next?

well...  dunno actually.  the current plan is to load up the truck with bikes and beer and camping stuffs and what nots and this and thats and roll outta here toward the Specific ocean.

here's the route:
fuck yeah.

the drink.ride. tour could be coming to your city.  there's a couple days i need to be certain places, but outside of that, i'm open to most anything.  in fact, if you live in or on the way to Austin Tex-Ass, Tuscon Arizona, or West Oakland Cali-forn-i-a, you'll be on the first leg of the trip.  there's one deadline of rolling into the city on the bay the second week of april, cuz i have to be an adult and work toward an income so i can afford the biggin's, but that doesn't mean i'll start working immediately... but i might.

so unless something in San Fran ties me down, the slog to the east coast will commence the following week.  and next stop on the tour is Minneapolis Minnesota for the Almanzo 100.  that will give the drink.ride. crew a little rest and relaxation before heading south to permanently disfigure and or destroy Decorah Iowa, and then it's on to Emporia Kansas for the Dirty Kanza.

and that's kinda where it all falls apart.

well, sort of.  haven't quite got to planning that part yet.  the one thing i do know is, you've only got one shot at this, and it will not be wasted.  but no matter what, there is only one rule.

no problem.

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