Wednesday, March 6, 2013

because it works

ride local?

buy local.

simple as that.

Wal-Mart does not give a fuck about you riding your bike to shop their stores, even if you got it from them.

nope.  i promise.  if this person is common enough that a whole website could be devoted to exploitation... for years...  they just do not care for you to ride your bicycle to the store.  you don't spend enough money.  you won't.  ever.  and this is target, kroger, whole foods, all of 'em.  you don't take a buggy full home in the panniers you got a good will that are strapped to some rickety old rack atop your 1984 Schwinn.  nope.  and they don't want to sell you just a couple things.  proof?  self check out.  they don't even want to spend the money on a 15 items or less lane.

local cares.  even if they don't know it.  when you ride you bicycle to a local business, it shows them you live in the neighborhood of their business.  other customers that live within a mile or so will see you, and maybe on some sunny saturday afternoon, they put on pastel sweaters, Ray Bans, and pedal those old beach cruisers down for lunch.  hey, your community is becoming bike friendly.

Holy.  Shit.

you know what?  your house is started to work it's way around, and not be upside down.



did you ever think for a second that the more people out on your street, walking around, kids playing, riding bicycles...  you know, more eyes on your shit, and your neighbor's shit, and across the street's shit... the less crime will occur?  uh, duh.

the less crime, the more desirable the neighborhood is to live.  the increase in people moving in, gentrification mind you (we all know this is how it works), brings in a higher class.  then restaurants.  retail.  tax dollars rollin' in.  property values rise.

who wouldn't want a piece of that?

revolution, community style.


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