Friday, March 8, 2013

real bicycle advocavy

Ride for Reading.

i have been so lucky to be a part of this organization.  delivering books to children who actually want them, by bicycle, with local businesses helping out.  this is what a cycling community is.

it is a force.  a collective of people that know giving back is the greatest reward there is.

but you know the one thing that i never see people understand?  when a child has a pleasant, respectful and understanding experience with an unknown cyclist, one that is not only of caring and the joy of helping others, but of learning and bettering oneself.  and you know what happens?  that kid has something positive to believe about those people riding their bicycles in the street.

these people give a fuck about the kids, their well being, and hope that the small, almost insignificant time they spend together picking out a book, or talking about it, or just walking away and watching the children basking in the love and care of the whole event, they hope to give that child a positive and educational experience that lasts a lifetime.

and some of them do.

kids speak the truth.  when a parent is driving the child, and they come upon a cyclist, the kid will have a connection with them, simply because a local bike shop owner closed their business to attend, a local state worker called in sick, and a local professional took a half day off to deliver some books to a school on a bicycle.

this changes the biggest problem cyclists face today, us versus them.

it creates empathy ...and there is no better advocacy.

so now that yer brain is all twisted into a ball of "whatthefuck?", get yer loin cloth on and join us tomorrow for the Fuck You Everybody.

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  1. This is cool. I hadn't heard of this particular group before. I love the sound of it.