Friday, March 1, 2013

monkey bear

remember just a little while ago i was talking about the fact we are still animals?  yup, National Geogariffic calls it the warrior gene.  i call it we've only had power for a couple hundred years, and technology and fear has really triggered a response much like a monkey behind the wheel of a semi doing 75mph.

dude knows shit's about to get real, and something has to be done, but with no concept of motion beyond what he can do on opposable thumbed feets and hands, never mind the beeps and buzzes and blinkings all screaming in his face, and the single best thing there is to hold onto is the steering wheel.  that little monkey is loosing his shit, violently.  and monkeys don't fit in seat belts.  they don't even know what they are.

so for your enjoyment, ifin you like, and also because of Glamour Shot cover, here it is in it's full on love and effection.  and yes, there's a hug at the end - you can just start around 43.00 - embed sucks sometimes, so here's a link.

yup.  Rollins.  you can have your own TV Party tonight.  you should invite Glenn and talk about cats.

it's like Dr. Phil featuring your cool high school science teacher.  you know, the one that smoked weed.  we all had one.  the best scientists in the world are teaching in every school in the country, but they smoke weed.  ...and weed takes the math out of stars.

let's move on..

ever see this shit?

i wonder how much warrior gene this dude has.  bet it had something to do with his upbringing.

what i can't figure out, what happened that you were put into a position that you have to shave a bear.  who would shave a bear?

like, who's got the balls to snap those sheers and plunge into a bear's belly.  you know, right in the middle of that all four thrashing claws part, with bone shattering teeth on one side, and his balls on the other... but closer to his balls.  and that's where yer gunna take a big ass electric motor driving two stainless steel centipedes at racing speed and just stick in on in.

and after that, you gatta shave his ass.

hey Rollins, wanna make a few bucks?

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