Wednesday, March 20, 2013

hello, goodbye.

see you fuckers later.

with the plan of no plan and an exit strategy of run like the place is on fire, the hammer out of town and on to the adventure of a lifetime in the desert was on 'til the break of dawn.  traffic was beautiful, the sun was out, and everything was going just as well unplanned as it could go with no plan.

 but the car gods would have none of that.  just as things seemed to slide into a groove...

the stymy begins.  which was followed by another grand idea of shutting down the entire interstate and routing every tractor trailer from Virginia Beach to LA across the entire city of Memphis, aka the Gateway to Hell.  i never in my life thought i would love to see any sign of impending Bill Clinton.

so with the last of the energy available, and the launch of this mission of peace, love, and hangovers, a warm bed in a small interstate town could not be refused.  ...and this is where it set in.

I. Love. Yuengling.  even the shit from Florida, which is where it comes from if you are in the south.  after cleaning out my wears from fridge in the mad dash to get the flying fuck out of town, i failed to restock for the trip.  two.  only two Yuengs.  that's all, with absolutely zero prospects at one drop more.

the memory of the day i learned it was finally available in nashveg-ass came rushing back like a tsunami of smiles.  which was then followed by the crushing blow only akin to the feeling of abandonment only found in a puppy's eyes.

so with the acceptance of the loss, and a full appreciation for the feast laid before me, i cracked the seal and engulfed myself into the second to last of what fueled so many of my cherished memories.

thank you Yuengling, and your 184 years of service.

so the next stop is Austin Tex-ass, and that is actually the beginning.

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