Monday, March 4, 2013

let's jus sing it together

well, it looks like i'll be waking up in nashville for just a couple more weeks, and then i'm off to roll around the countryside aimlessly searching for the next place root up, tear down, and pay taxes for an undetermined amount of time.

and that's more than enough time to tear this mother down.

so for once i didn't spend the weekend drinking, riding, and making others upset.  so if you are looking for the usual nightmare and vicarious worry for those that tow the line with me, sorry, i cleaned the kitchen instead.

i do a lot of thinking while scrubbing on my hands and knees in my french maid's outfit, and i thought about starting a kickstarter to buy an old school bus to pile as many people and bikes in a possible in order to build an army of drink.ride. minions, but originality is much more important than profit or personal financial gain, and it's already been done... so why rip off another person's ideas?  hauling bikes in a school bus just to unload them and ride around is stupid anyway, and definitely not green.  i do care about imposing my wants on other's environments... not really.

so where did i decide to waste MY money...

that's right.  my own branded sockx.  the slogan was stolen from Shep, but i'll be buying him out with the help of whiskey and answering questions with questions.  i searched long and hard to find a sock company that could produce a product up to my standards, in quality, quantity, uses of child labor, made in amurika, and is willing to put "fuck" on their product.  ...and best of all, they won't be putting their own logo on it cuz of the slogan.  i love making people uncomfortable about the decision to work with me but somehow still do, that shows trust.  funny enough, the deal was penned in Denver after eating way to much food, drinking way to much booze, and a yellow-snow ball fight.

once they arrive, you'll be able to buy 'em from me if you can find me.  but i did partner up with a local shop in Nashville that will have a small stock of 'em for $15 a pair.  but they don't have them either so you will have to wait impatiently.

it doesn't look like we'll be able to don them in time for the "Fuck you Everybody Invitational Bicycle Ride and Back Shaving Convention" happening this saturday, but the winners get a free pair at some point, so if you think you got what it takes, you can save $15.

so while you try to convince yourself to wrap how you really feel about the rest of the world around your ankles, which is much like the first time you let your partner tie you up and touch yer butt hole, set back, relax, and enjoy some rock and roll.

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