Wednesday, March 13, 2013

confront comfort

so this is where i go insane trying to figure out what i should take, and what i should leave behind.  it's real easy on a weekend trip, even two weeks.  but i'm gunna be gone for months, a bunch of them.  sure, there will be purchases along the way, but i pretty much have everything i need already, so leaving the zero degree sleeping bag behind to not lug it around all summer makes sense, but what if i find i need one?

how the hell do people pack for six months in Antarctica? seriously.  look at this.

Sleeping bag rated to at least -35° Celsius.  wow.  looking over this, as well as the rest of the site and others on the interwebs, there is such a stark contrast between any two people who decide to not return to the same address nightly.  from people buying wal-mart bikes and riding across the country, to pack mule status like Russ and Laura, the personality of your gear gives a pretty good understanding of what kind of person you are.  guess that's kinda the primal thing.

i tend to purchase things that can do more than one job.  case in point, my new caffeine delivery device.

it's also just a pot to boil water in, or pasta or rice or soup or ham bones or whatever... just as long as you wash it between loads.  i have the same mindset with bicycles.  unless you have dedicated yourself to a single discipline, why buy a bicycle designed for only nice smooth pavement or only big drops?  take a moment to read this interview with Tom Ritchey.   "I thought all road bikes were gravel road bikes?"   exactly.  i gatta say, with the new old wave of "gravel bikes" coming out (which are just cyclocross bikes with relaxed geometry and silly disc brakes), it seems people are learning it's ok to give up a little weight and top speed to be able to turn around and explore that dirt road without worry of voiding your warranty.

either way, if you have decided to visit the south pole, here's the link.  send pictures.  i'm not doing that.

so back to the packing sorting finding wondering pondering and wandering i go.  as you read this, i'll be on my way to chattanooga for a quick overnighter, so friday should be a little bit more colorful and way more mountain bikey.

so while i drive the interstate, watching the world go by at more than a mile a minute, please...  enjoy some booty.

DIPLO "Butter's Theme" (ft. Gent & Jawns) from GABRIEL THOMAS A on Vimeo.

i like the upsidedown crosses on their butts.  hey, speaking of which, they choose a pope yet?

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  1. Y'know, there's a reason I choose to ride my Bike Friday tikit 95% of the time. But it really does suck in loose terrain, so I suspect I'll trade the road and mountain bikes in on a cross bike before too long.