Monday, March 18, 2013

last dance

i went for a beer run whilst in the middle of cleanin' cypherin' packin' and pilin', simply cuz there was no beer.  as it was saturday afternoon, 70 degrees, and one of the more pleasant days i've had in nashvegas in quite some time.  ...and wouldn't you know i'd run into Big Red, who himself was on the same path.

once we finished sitting in the sunshine, enjoying great conversation and libations, it came that time was not on our side, and i still needed to grab a twelve pack.  the dash was on to continue the chat on the bike while making headway in our daily deeds, until it was my turn again.

once that was taken care of, it was back to continue the work toward wednesday morning's lanchtime, so as to be prepared for Shep to take some aggression out on me.  Shep works third shift.  he's warmed up around midnight, 3:00am is crunch time.  around 1:00 is when he's passing cars regularly.  ...and this is the last time we're gunna drink.ride. for a very long time.  and so it began.

our second stop was a local pub full of professionals in their 30's that serves exotic brews with brightly colored labels and particular glasses designed for the brew in particular that one would be enjoying over conversations about the beer. 

along with this was kind of a National Geographic view of 20something's chasing each other, with posturing leans and body tweaks and pulses as almost a language of effort to lure an evening's mate.  the show was spectacular.

our fourth stop was about the best place i could have landed, as we had planned to go to Hooters just because, but they were closed.  i was amazed.  it almost seemed like home.  my kinda crowd.  great staff, quick work, killer menu, huge sandwiches, yuengling on draft.  as i understood it, it would be different than what it was.  and this happened.

they take two frozen glazed donuts, fry 'em on the skillet in the burger and chicken grease, they they become the bun.  the spider web you see, that's strands of melted glaze, and it's just as sticky and fucking everywhere.  when yer the first person on the trail in the spring and you get a beard of spider web?  that.

it took effort, i ate every damn bite.  even all the fries.  the only way i could describe it is the equivalent to getting pancake sirup on yer sausage.  but a lot of it.  i would love to know the fat and calories in this catastrophe of coronary packing death sandwich.

our sixth stop was definitely the 4:00am finale i was looking for, as shep climbed the balcony to gain us entry into SB's bachelor pad.  we tried with all of our might to to bring him from his slumber to a state of mind much like ours, but we had already worked through our second wind, and i spilled beer on his bed.

home safe and sound with just some scraped shins from slipping pedals...  But Wait! don't worry, karma took great car in equalizing the evening's dealings of pain on others.  i got to enjoy that donut burger, along with some of the earlier evening's meal, around 5:30am or so.  tasted the same.

so that's it.  next time i saddle up for a night on the town, it will be in another city.  thanks Nashvegas, some of you were pretty fun.  now i just have to wait 48 more hours...

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