Monday, January 7, 2013

straight up marketing

Music City Cycling's current leader bean, Dave Theanal, is the owner/operator/proprieter and dish washer of RUSH Bicycle Messengers, Nashvegas'ez ONE and ONLY 100% all bicycle messenger service.  RUSH just had their first anniversary, and i could not be happier.  and for the last year, they either walk it, or ride it, from where they snatch yer letter, to where they drop yer magazines.  yes, that is correct.  RUSH handles the distribution of Native Magazine... by bicycle.

Surly trailers and pumpin quads bring this publication to all over the city for you to enjoy, for free, every single time.  and both companies are growing like mold on a good piece of cheese hiding behind the spicy jelly, way on in the back of the fridge.

...and that's what i did friday afternoon.  i figured it'd be cool to help out once i got all my chores done and toys put away.  i jumped aboard the best tool for the job and headed over the river and through the hood depositing some here and some there and others everywheres.  like a bumble bee in a sea of dandelions, two loads haulin' 'em radial lace style throughout this fifth of town.  shortly after the start of the start of the second lap, you realize what yer in for.  you'll eat a sandwich or fourteen before you finish up.

the businesses that stock are all quite happy to see you show up, and a few times people would come over while i was unpacking them for display to grab one.  one time, i felt like i was doling out 99% pure crank around the corner from the clinic.  they sure were excited.  and i'm straight up not making fun, for once.  in fact, i think it is fuckin' awesome people were that excited.   ...but i wonder what it's like at their house when the spouse/room mate/boyfriend/girlfriend/goatfriend shows up with unexpected cake?  or even cake they knew was coming, but not exactly which day.  i bet it's fun.

was it fun?  well hell's yeah it was.  and like mowing the lawn, cutting down tress, or diggin' ditches, it was one of those things that makes beer just taste better.  the looks from people driving by, to the dude in the dump truck haulin' a caterpillar letting me know my load had shifted (people with trailers look out for people with trailers, like truckers), the looks and smiles from people thinking i was either completely stupid, homeless, or insane kept me going all damn day.

the evening closed in with a quick shit-shower-shave-shampoo, and a six pack of Yuengling Porter... which miraculously became a five pack shortly after i arrived home.

a moment of silence please.

thank you.
and with that, please, enjoy some cake.

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