Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Documented Citizen

...and after using monday to catch up on sleep and get chores done, i spent most of the morning and mid day tuesday doinig chores and enjoying the customer service at the Department ub Moter Vee Hikles and other assorted gubment offices.

of course there were things that happened, duh.  for one, we had a small hot plate grease fire.  but it wasn't all that big of a deal, and after we watched it burn all the way out, we made grilled cheese sandwiches and drank Coors tan cans.  what would you do?

once i finished up with the days things to do, which took a lot longer due to the fact i didn't know that you could get your passport AND your driver's license in the same place.  so after pedaling to the DMV, i hauled it over to the passport office, where i found a driver's license renewal thingy.  awesome.  and they won't take a credit/debit card for your passport.  nope.  gatta be a check.  so i jumped back on the bike and headed to the other side of town to my bank to get a cashiers' cheque, just to ride all the way back to the passport office and pay them.  again, wow.

once all that shit was tackled and i got my self back into the fold, i met up with shep who was gunna help me build out the amenities for my truck, but alas, we figured a better way which had to wait, so i just played with his cat and hung out for a while enjoying chili and cheese toast before my stop of the day.

no sooner did i get home from the big orange place that sells lumber and stuff but nothing professional even though they pretend to sell that kind of stuff...  i was on the bike and headed out to meet up with a couple friends for beers and cheers and jeers and good times.  and other than the continued kicking by feet adorned with hard ass cycling shoes, i had a wonderful time watching people get free booze and laughing at their attempts to piece together complete sentences.

and that's monday and tuesday in the life of me.

i'll be rollin outta here this weekend to attend the Cyclocross World Championshits.  ifin yer interested, look to my instagram thingy for pics from the road and me likely getting one or two shots off as they throw me out of the venue.

until friday, if life is giving you lemons, do cocaine and pray.  what do you have to lose?

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