Wednesday, January 9, 2013

keep it in the family

well, it turns out that my family tree has a few things that maybe might explain a few things.

the Hensley settlement, found in Harlen County Kentucky.  in 1903, the Hensley family settled atop Brush Mountain, forsaking settled areas for an entirely self-sufficient way of life. this truly rural Appalachian settlement continued, without electricity, indoor plumbing, roads or any modern conveniences until the last inhabitant left in 1951.  that's where my dad's dad grew up.and it turns out they weren't much for the tax man, the law, or anyone telling them what to do, where to go, or how to be.

kinda feel like that's just about right...

which leads us to this gentlemen.

meet George Went Hensley.  seems not only do i share the sirname of this individual, but he the same bloodline.  George was very religous, to the piont he came to believe that the New Testament commanded all Christians to handle venomous snakes.  yup, that's right.  this great uncle of mine brought to the forfront the belief that swingin' a viper above your head gets you closer to god, and by criekie, he died from a snake bite.  imagine that?  the fun part was asking my dad if this was true.  yeah, the shaking of his head, along with the smirk gave me all i needed to know.

so i've been trying to figure out how someone could convince me that between the sermon, the prayer, the tithe, and baptism, the one thing missing was a fistfull of cold blooded, slithering, fang adorned and armed with spit that will turn your blood into red crisco, and they are likely not only pissed off from bein' shaken like a tamborine, but full of piss and venom and every intent of getting that all over me and all in me in the largest amount of volume possible.

i just don't get it.  like, how awful does that have to be.  holy shit!  damn!  

well, now i am totally feaked out.  and with that, i'm gunna sit back, have myself a drink, and listen to a little something that can help take my mind off of it...


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