Friday, January 11, 2013

dead mammals and elusive machines

i think this one is going to an aunt?  maybe?  can't remember, but shep and i ran into chris after finishing a couple slices and beers for his birthday.  chris was doing the same thing, just about a half hour behind.  he didn't know it was shep's burfday.  then he was heading to the post office to mail a pocket full of these puppies to people he loves enough to bestow these upon them.  we like chris.

later on, i took a picture of a smashed squirrel for you to enjoy.

someone will thinks it's art.

once the sun turned round the corner to heat up things on the other side, i teamed up with Glitter Gravel to check out the new B-cycle bike share bicycles.  slide yer card for $5.00 and get 24 hours of three speed, roller cam flavor, that works.  we rolled around downtown, hoping a few curbs, attempting a couple wall rides and grinds, and launching staircases with reckless abandon.  it wasn't until we pulled off the tandem power slide off the loading dock that we decided the bikes had had enough, and figured the bikes had as well.  not really.  but we did pedal around the downtown area, up and over the pedestrian bridge (took the elevator back up from the other side), and returned them to their rightful place at another station and walked back to where we started.

i have to say, the only thing about them that i could nit pick at all is the weight, but in order to be certain the bikes can handle whomever decides its a nice day for a bicycle ride, whether it be a couple hooligans looking for ramps, or elderly looking for an easier way to get around, they have to be way over built to withstand most anything.

we both agreed, as personally we would ride a the highest gear most of the time, the gearing is in fact low enough to accommodate most anyone with the ability to handle anything they're abilities will allow.  never mind the fact that with so many stations around the downtown area, and at the tops and bottoms of hills, you could get to the bottom of a hill or top, return it at the station there, and walk or bus to grab another bike down the road.  well thought out, planned and executed.

yesterday afternoon, on my way back from the motorcycle shop, i ran into some dude who lives in nashy and just jumped on one to check it out.  he was having an absolute blast!  good job nashville, bravo.  so get your lazy ass out there and drop $5.00 and go for a ride!

then there was Music City Cycling's impromptu Red Bench Ride celebrating Ben's burfday.  this is a regulalry scheduled program that happenes almost weekly during the warmer months.  they all meet at this single and particular red bench on the corner of two mainer type roads, then chase each other to the first beer stop, then the next, and this carries on until the last man standing decides its time to just go home, leaving a wake of tight pants and colorways in a wretched heap behind.

this was spacial.  besides the ass under glass, getting yelled out for swearing and smoking, then a regular all but trying to fight one of them fixie hipster kids about pissing the bathroom, it was a great night of riding bikes, drinking beer, and all around bicycle funs and stuffs.

tired of doing the same old team kit rides, chasing your powertap and strava KOM and just want to drink.ride.?  join these kids on sunday the 27th, unless you're Teen Wolf, for january's Full Moon Ride.

     "A monthly bike ride.
       Relaxed ride to a spot to enjoy the moon.
       Dress warm.
       Bring lights.
       Feel free to bring your flask."

probably not something you would want to miss.

then there's these robots.  they're around.  i want to figure it out...

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