Friday, December 14, 2012

making good money while sucking

them is soap bubbles from where i didn't rinse well after warshing.  i offset it with some hot chocolate mix for a hobo-mocha.  nestle took the bite out of the dawn infused bean strain, but i'm burping weird.  i wonder if farting will be effected...?

which is how i started my morning, rolling outta bed, face first onto the floor 20 minutes before the following happened.

(edited and removed because i went to far - yeah.  because i want to help them, not hurt them.  if you got to read it, yer lucky)

cuz this is the reaction i am expecting after i regurgitate the previous sentence... (i edited it cuz i deserve it)  then again, i seem to get that reaction quite a bit anyway.  i guess the future is bright and full of middle fingers.

in other news bicycle related...

by god tennessee's cyclocross state champeenshits are sunday just outside of Nashvegas.  there will be people from all over the state coming out to heckle, race, ruin, get in the way, piss serious CAT 4 pro-racers off (that are typically pissed off anyway... cuz they are just SLOW and DUMB), and bang cowbells like dinner is ready in the faces of others trying not to throw up. 

i've done this here style bicycle racin quite a few times, and sometimes i do good, and sometimes i suck.  currently, i believe i am in suck mode.  will i attend?  dunno yet.  if i do will people get angry at me... well of course, duh.  just watch out for Honey Badger pouring beer in yer ass crack and you'll be ok.

i will say this, the kids at Uphillgrind Productions really have it dialed.  the races are full of fun, the courses are always awesome, there is serious comradery, and smiles, and if you don't have fun, it is 100% your fault.  especially when the I Dream of Weenie is slingin' hot dogs and snacks while you dream of weenies...  just love saying that.

so since you really have nothing productive to do, or anything that will help society in any way, how's about you head out to them there champeenshits and make a mess of things?  how's about you sign up and try yer hand and 45 minutes of clinching yer fists, lips, and sphincter in an effort to not soil yerself while rubbing elbows with the elite adorned with Dugast and Carbon?

better yet, just go have fun.

no matter what you do this weekend, i hope it doesn't suck, unless that's how you make a living... in which case, i hope to inspire you to do your bestest and try to take the chrome off that trailer hitch.  everyone appreciates a job well done.  even johns.

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  1. Can't say "just go have fun" enough!! have a good one yourself.