Wednesday, December 19, 2012

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so here's my monday.

shep and i both had midday errands to attend to, so we decided it would be best to take advantage of the 60plus degree decembree day to ride bicycles to everwheres.

we went to the park first, cuz on a nice day...  you just have to visit one of the many parks and recreational type areas in the city, burg, town, or sub-division you find yourself in when you wake up.

hydration is an important part of a balanced day

over hill and over dale, stopping here and there for stuffs and things.  i pet a puppy.

on the way back, we decided it would be advantageous to pick up the pace a bit,  simple as our view from here...

was dramatically differnt than ifin we turned around and faced the other way...



we celebrated a productive day well spent being productive ...and i pet another doggie.

tuesday was just silly.

...and as i take this as serious as a CAT4-Pro, there will be absolutely no silly on this here blug.


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