Monday, December 31, 2012

i'm not going down with the ship

well hole-ee-sheet!  tonight's the big night.  there's gunna be boobies all over Bourbon Street, tickers and tapers celebrating among the hookers and hobos of Times Square, fireworks, shotguns, and people blowing shit up and pyromaniacs will run like wild fire where ever they can find anything that will burn.  there'll be steers and queers, bears and beers, pukin pill poppin profilactic snappin' fun littering the topsoil of most every place on earth that has cell service.

waffle house will be awash with hangovers looking for greasy ease, and blood shot eyes will seer with the rise of the new day's sun.  vomit and spew, and diarrhea too, those with a mission will find that submission to the porcelain god will ensue.  the aftermath will leave resolutions the way of the dinosaurs when the run on pregnancy tests happens in a couple weeks.  we know how to party, and no one is safe.

and you know what that means?  that means tonight is amateur night.  as in a vast majority of those rockin' with Dokken are by no means seasoned, or even competent.

and thanks to technology, it's all gunna be at our finger tips.

i can't wait to witness the new year unfold, with a cup of morning joe and the internets.  i would like to give a heart felt thank you, to everyone, for what they are about to do.  thank you.

and with that, here is yer annual public service announcement:

2012 is about to give its death gurgle.  and in just a few short hours, it's gunna be 2013!  everyone from the prez of amurika, to the security guard at the parking garage is gunna be on high alert.  orange i think.  so with that in mind, i'ma gunna be kind.  here's a touch of advice, that just should suffice, in the event you need a retainer.

don't do anything stupid...   unless of course, it is totally fucking epic.

happy new year...  now what?

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