Wednesday, February 20, 2013

me eat rocks

we are simply a fart away from being primates.  we have harnessed electricity to be in most every household in just the last hundred years.  telephone?  computers?  internet?  shit, we have only begun to touch the surface, let alone even sharp enough to scratch it.  the internet has only been rolling strong for twenty years.  just in the last four or five have we seen the huge technological leaps of utilizing a yelp page to realize or criticize.  keep your pants on kids, we've a very long way to go.

our evolution has been slowly moving, cuz evolution is slow as a snail on a frozen lake waiting for it to stop snowing.  seriously, like plate techtonics slow.  we are still killing each other because we believe in different gods.  so arrogant to our neanderthal tendencies, we're just a breath away from being a pig in lipstick.

we're still fighting over shiny shit, stupid cars, debt, credit, borrow, worry, payment, loan, so caught in the cycle it can only be drscribed as a dozen raccoons posturing and fighting over ten deblumes. now the crazies are getting so angry they are going out and just shooting up places and people for who knows what.  every body is freaking out.

yeah, if you watched that, we have obviously only just begun.

i saw this on a ride this week.  this is security.  can't even handle a segway, gatta have a front wheel.  this is supposed to be intimidating, and it is to most people.  we look like a bunch of clowns.  seriously.  and people wonder while aliens won't visit.  uh, maybe cuz in every alien movie ever, we kill them.  or at least try to.

Barnum and Bailey people, all of it.

so i encourage you to take a moment to sit back, breathe, and take a look around.  tear off the blinders, buck your lemming tendencies, and listen to this sermon.

and in keeping with the circus theme and all the things you lemmings line up to oogle in a frenzy of unconditional to the actual art, i'll be headed to the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Denver this here shortly.  you can follow along with my dumb ass on instagram in the comfort of you own bed and flannel jammies.  or follow along with any other of the bazillion bicycle dildos that will be be joining me to all but inundate your electronic live feeding tube for your rapid digestion.

i'll see you here next wednesday for a preview of what the big box guys will be copying in the next few years, as well as making fun of people who think brazing a bunch of shiny bits onto frames is makes you an artisan.

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