Friday, February 8, 2013

forgot the cord

the text from shep "ride?" typically means it ain't gunna be easy, but it's gunna be fun.  we rolled out of my temparary abode and headed for downtown to play in traffic.  we tore through the city on a grand tour of a lot of fun places to ride your bicycle.  it was almost a kind of cyclocross style thang, which is what i'm planning out anyway for my next event:

the Fuck You Everybody Invitational Ride and Back Shaving Convention

so pack up yer bike and a pair of clean underpants and anal lube, and get yer ass to Nashvegas for this once in a lifetime experience of bicycling blind drunk through a city you've never visited, along with failure and likely crappy weather.

we'll visit all kinds of places you won't want to be seen, as well as a fast, long, and retarded cyclocross bike style bicycle ride filled with whatever booze you can carry. there will be stairs, dirt, pave, curbs, and hopefully blood. i'll even throw out a $100 cash prize and a mostly full bottle of whiskey to the first person to lose a tooth, get stitches, or be arrested.

so come one come all.  and now my obligation to Big Red has been met, pictured here below.  if you run into him, buy him a beer cuz he would do it for you.  he'll be there, and you will regret not enjoying his company.  cuz you're too cool.

...and you know why you should come, simply because non of these people had the opportunity.

seriously.  how many times do you sit back, ponder, and think to yourself, "i should do blah blah bah."  you know what, thinking you should is a whole lot different than getting off your ass and doing it.  do you want to be laying in bed, knowing that the time you had to go do cool shit has passed?  when you are sitting back in your chair, in your cube, wash rinse repeat life, and instead of working you are looking at pics on blogs, or instagram, or fakebook, of all the places your internet friends are going, and all you do is think it's a good idea.

well, wake up kid, cuz before you know it, that chance will be gone.  long gone.  and that will be it.  you wasted your life.

how about you start with Music City Cycling's Lickety Split ride tomorrow morning?  oh no!  you won't know anyone?  what if you can't keep up/look cool enough/whatever other stupid excuse you have.  take a chance.

and with that, i'm out.  i'ma gunna go have some fun.

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