Monday, February 11, 2013

hipsters don't ride bikes.

the hipster kids usually don't ride great distances.  they typically use their bicycles to get from place to place or bar to bar.  they commute, but usually leave the 20+ mile distances to others.

well, this little gaggle of hens, aka Music City Cycling, decided they are gunna start a group ride thing on saturdays called the Lickety Split.  seein' as how all i'm doing right now is passing the time, what better way to start a 30 degree early morning off than riding with a bunch of skinny jeans.  so bein' that this is hipsters, ironic irony is important, and i make nothing but great decisions, i jumped on my fixie to join them.

was it fun?  fuck yeah it was fun.  and you should join them next time.  we basically did our own t-shirt/fund raiser ride club ride.  the route took me from East Nashy, to Loveless Cafe, Pukett's in Franklin, Fly TN, Puckett's at Lieper's Fork, and then back to Nashy.  i'd say i got around 80 or so miles in over the course of the day, and 5000 calories ingested.  mind you, two of us added a bunch of miles to the original plan of 30, and i coorced a couple of them to roll to Franklin with me for lunch.

here's a little picture of what it looked like, which was awesome.  we got to pet a donkey.  you didn't.

that was the ride.  this is the hot fish sandwich from Bolten's i ate around midnight (still riding after the whole day).  it could also be referred to as colon blow.  it wasn't part of the ride, but it was a big part of my sunday.

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