Friday, November 2, 2012

and so it goes.

if you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.  - Loa Tzu

time to start sharpening and honing things that are mightier than the blade.

the world changes daily, and with the invent of mr. gore's tubes, it seems as though it is becoming more obvious.  this is because people who think alike all over the world are beginning to have the ability to communicate on an immediate and conversational level.  the days of writing a letter, mailing it, waiting anxiously for a response, of which must be answered...  rather time consuming...  is now happening as quickly as one can press the enter key.  think of the retarded nature of pony express, or even information traveling within the bow of an ocean vessel ebbing across the sea.  what we have at our fingertips is absolutely amazing, and quite powerful at that.

it is with this i invite you to join me on my experiences for the foreseeable future.  sure, some are going to suck, some grand, and a majority likely tolerable to mundane if not simply bland.  but the curiosity and vicarious voyeurism that is born from the ability to look deep into one's life without ever seeing them in person will hopefully keep it interestingly enough...

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