Sunday, January 22, 2017

rack time.

I am going to make front racks and sell them. 
go to instagram and search for #getthatshitoffyourback for more photos.

Large $300

This rack is 14inches wide and 10inches long.  I've been riding 20 miles round trip to work with a large dry bag tied to it with Surly junk straps and it is solid.

(more photos)

Small $250


This rack is 6 1/2inches wide and 8 1/2 inches long.  I've been using a different version of this design for months (one with a much weaker center fork mount) both on road and off with all sorts of things on it.  It's pretty strong.

(more photos)

Both racks have been mounted and used on bicycles with V and disc brakes, and I am confident they will work with cantilever brakes.  Unfortunately I do not have a design for a road caliper brake just yet, unless your fork has mounts on either side of the crown.  You can choose to use either low rider (aka mid fork) mounts or drop out mounts if they are on the front of the drop outs - most dropout mounts found behind the dropout are for fenders and will require the use of a spacer which will decrease the maximum load the rack can handle.  You can also use both low rider and drop out mounts if you want to carry heavier loads based from one spot on the rack or two.

Bells and whistles.
  • M4 braze on for light mount on stay - $10
           with a Paul Components Gino Light Mount - $34
  • strap guides - $22/pair
  • extra cross braces - $30 each / $50 for a pair
  • two point stays - $75
  • replacement stays - $40
  • add 2nd pair of stays and mounts - $65 
  • stays welded to rack - $50/pair
  • color other than black - TBD
If you do not have braze-ons on your fork, they can be added for an additional charge based on the fork, choice of rack, and shipping costs, so I can not offer a static price, but I'll definitely make it worth it.

Dickracks are $350, only come raw or painted with clear spray paint, and must use low rider mounts.  Price is subject to change at any time.

How to buy.

If you would like to buy one, send me an email to get started - somecallme.danimal at g mail dot com.  I'll have a few questions for you, and will need you to take some measurements from the bike you intend to use the rack on.  It will be easy.  Next, you send a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total cost (excluding shipping) and you are in line.  I'll ship it as easy and cheap as possible.

I'm doing them in lots of five, basically taking five orders at a time.  I am not set up to do production just yet, and feel confident queuing five at a time without being overwhelmed or it taking months to finish the ones for the people at the end of the list... waiting sucks.  The hope is to be able to fill all five orders in five weeks.  The order window will be open until I receive five deposits.  Once I finish those five, the order window will open again for the next five.

My promise.

I will repair or replace your rack at no charge (including shipping both ways) for the first year if it breaks due to intended use.  If you break it by using it outside of it's intended use, or you tear it up in a wreck, I'll still fix or replace it, but I will not cover the cost.